Brian Su

When I was a baby, my parents sent me to China to live with my grandparents. My first memories were created there - I remember visiting dinosaur park, riding articulated buses, playing with my grandparent's 16 dogs, and, even crying out "tan zhi! tan zhi!" on a train between Guilin and Guangzhou and seeing the confused looks on my grandparents faces. I also had a toy camera that I could not do without. Literally, in almost every single one of my photos that my grandparents took, I had my toy camera attached to my neck and in my hands.

At age 3, I returned back to the U.S. As a kid, my mom would often take me to her office, which was located right next to San Jose International Airport. I would stare out the windows, watching planes take-off and land. And, since my mom had worked at American Airlines in the past, we obviously had some model airplanes back at home.

Even as I grew older, I never left my childhood passions. I still love photography and airplanes to this day. For example, when I was in high school, I started a YouTube channel based on my flight simulation hobby. It allowed me to combine my passions for photography, videography, and airplanes into one. By the time I quit, I had almost 1k subscribers, and 650k+ views. I also had several photo shoots with friends throughout the years. Of course, they kinda sucked - I lacked the composition and editing skills that I've only started to acquire recently.

Now, I travel. I'm very fortunate to have the opportunity to fly around the world, shoot amazing photographs of far-away destinations I had seen in pictures when I was young, and connect with many new and amazing people from around the world. I love learning - everyday I learn new techniques to help me become a better photography and videographer and also how to be a better traveler, friend, and person.

I'm very excited to share my journeys and adventures with you all! I hope by sharing, we all learn a little bit more of the world that we live in.